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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Talking About My Status...:D

I seem to be surrounded with people who are in love. My cousin Michelle is getting married before the end of this year, Lainy, who's also a dear cousin of mine is now engaged to Kuya Scotty, a colleague showed everyone at work her engagement ring a few days ago.

I am of course happy for them. I know that it is what they wanted in life. To be married to the man they love.

It sometimes make me think about myself. Will I ever get a marriage proposal from someone I love? And then wear some loose diamonds or just a simple ring will actually do. LOL! Honestly, I ask myself that question sometimes. I'm not getting any younger and I don't even have a boyfriend. Not that I worry about it that much. I don't really have the time to even look at a man lately. I am so preoccupied. :D

Some people think that I'm maybe too choosy about men. Well, maybe yes. With my past relationships with the opposite sex, after all the heartaches that I have been through, I will be more than willing to protect my heart from breaking into pieces again. I'm not really looking for a perfect guy. I just want someone who will treat me right.

Nah! I'm just being mellow dramatic right now. I'm not in a hurry into involving with someone right now. I haven't really asked God for Mr. Right yet. I'm just not ready.:D

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MommaLira said...

It will come in time, Ally. I will be waiting for pictures when that happens. Regards.