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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trying To Suppress My Craving For Burgers! :D

My cousin Michelle was supposed to treat me at her favorite burger house earlier today. It was supposed to be a good treat because the burger house had a 50% sale today. Too bad we were not able to take advantage of the yummy burger because Michelle has to run some personal errands.

Even though I'm a bit disappointed, I'm also glad that I haven't munched on a burger today. Did you know that a quarter pound burger is equivalent to more than 350 calories? Burning 300 calories for me is spending 45 minutes running and brisk walking on the tread mill. You can just imagine how exhausted I get just to burn 300 calories a day. That's sort of my goal whenever I hit the gym. That doesn't include the other exercises I do in the gym.

At work, a lot of people noticed my weight loss. I'm glad they did! :D I'm putting too much work on this just to look good and feel good. LOL! I'm still trying to convince some colleagues to workout with me but most of them prefer diets for quick weight loss. They don't want to go through the physical work out just yet.

Anyway, I'll try to keep myself from eating burgers. I might still satisfy my craving but I won't eat the whole burger. How's that? I'll find someone to eat half of it! I promise! :D

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