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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work Out After Pig-out! :D

Our team had lunch at the office after work yesterday. We had pancit Malabon, pork barbecue, and piche2x with cheese which we ordered from our favorite restaurant nearby. I ended up so full! I felt so tired and sleepy because of my busy schedule this week so I decided not to hit the gym. Geez! I have to burn the calories from yesterdays pig-out! I'm also thinking about colon cleanse to totally eradicate unwanted toxins in my body. Talking about turning into a health freak! :D

Anyway, after giving gifts to September birthday celebrants, we went home. I was already thinking about bed on my way home. It was raining yesterday and that gave me a very good sleep last night.

I'll be working out later today. That's after I'm done with my home and online chores! Thank God it's another rest day from work!

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