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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Workout Canceled...

I wasn't really feeling good today so I canceled my workout. I felt dizzy and going to the gym wasn't a very good idea. Instead, I treated myself with a soothing massage. I had the masseuse I knew from the church come to my apartment. She also did my nails so I pretty much stayed at home today. I ate a lot today though. Now I have a lot of calories to burn tomorrow morning.

I'm also planning to watch a favorite local band's concert tomorrow. Wela and her roommate got us a ticket. I'm hoping to be in the front row seats. Too bad my supervisor got me an upper box seat! I'm really disappointed. But then hopefully Wela's friend will be able to get me a good seat tomorrow. I'm still crossing my fingers.

I better hit the sack because I have to wake up early tomorrow.

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