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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Old Days In Clarkfields

My previous call center job in Pampanga gave me fond memories. I had great friends and unforgettable fun experiences in Clarkfields. As my first call center job, the company helped me a lot in becoming a good call center agent.

I do outbound calls for sales before but whenever we run out of phone numbers to call, we were obliged to take inbound calls for infomercials. It's funny because we were not even trained for those accounts. We were told to just read the scripts that's on the computer. Okay, it was easy. So a call came in. I was surprised because on that call only did I find out that I was taking a call for male enhancement supplements! You can just imagine the silly script I was reading! LOL! I can't remember the exact scripts but there was part of the scripting that says: If you want your p--is to be harder and longer, this product is the solution.

It still makes me laugh whenever I remember the calls I made for these infomercial accounts. And I really felt a bit embarrassed especially when I sit next to a male colleague!

Those were the good old days! :D
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