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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goodbye Typhoon Juan...

I woke up early this morning feeling a bit cold. I went outside to check if it's still raining. To my surprise, it looks like the storm has passed! :D It's a beautiful morning!

I turned to the television to watch the news and was able to confirm that Typhoon Megi is on his way out in the Philippine area of responsibility. I just feel sorry to those who live in the Northern part of Luzon who experienced the typhoon's rage. At least it was as bad as how it was during Typhoon Ketsana last year.

I hope it won't rain anymore today. I'll be out for my workout later to do some fat burning exercise. I don't feel like walking on the streets of Metro Manila when it rains.

Goodbye Typhoon Juan! Let this day be a beautiful day.

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