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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hands Got Bruised Again...:(

It's time to go to the gym! :D

I just finished doing my laundry. It's one of those days that I decided not to wear a pair of plastic gloves when I was washing my clothes. My hands ended up bruised again. Sigh! Yeah right, I'm stubborn! :P

It's a Wednesday, the start of my rest day! No time to really relax since I have to finish some personal and online errands. I'm looking forward for a great Wednesday though!!! :D



Anonymous said...

No washing machine? Heheheh.....pasensya na ka .....dependent na kaayo ko sa akong washing machine though I still handwash some delicate clothes but I just soak them and if I do need to brush them off, I use don't forget to wear gloves...:-)

ally said...

@Te Bing,

Yey! It's been a while te! wala intawon koy washing machine te.mahal man gud,heheh... dili man gud ko makuntento sa laba if mag gloves. pero i've learned my lesson na jud. will wear gloves na next time! :D

tc po! :D