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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Karaoke After Work And Money Matters

After our shift ended at work today, my friends: Julie, Judith and I did karaoke at the office. Yeah, a karaoke at work! :D A lot of call center companies have this type of room for sure! Our company just got one recently. It also has a billiard pool in it. Other companies actually got a gym, ours don't. It would have helped me save some money if they offer free workout program for us! :D

Me singing my heart out with 2 pretty friends! :D

I missed singing so I invited my friends to hang out at that room today. I had fun! I know they did too! We just stayed there for about an hour and headed home.

It's time to pay bills tomorrow. Time to pay for the apartment, internet service, my pension plan water and electric bill! Geez! Money is slipping away again! Lol! I should have signed up for an affordable term life insurance rather than the pension plan I'm paying for every month! Well, pension plan will still be a big help in the future. I'll just sign up for the insurance when I'm done paying for the pension plan.

Despite money matters, I'm glad I was able to have some fun with girlfriends today! It's just a wonderful way of ending our work week! It's 3 days off after today! I'm not planning to go out because I don't have enough money to spend anymore! LOL! It's time to relax and pretty much stay at home! :D


anne said...

I miss your voice really hehehe, Cheryl just sent her regards to you. :)

ally said...

hey! thanks anne! sige, i'll post a video of me singing sometime soon. hehehe... ingat! hi din kay Cheryl! :D

Slimming Pills said...

Upload a sound clip so we can all hear you! :)

ally said...

@Slimming Pills,

I will sometime soon... :D Thanks for visiting.