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Monday, October 25, 2010

Loosing Weight And Changing Wardrobe

Loosing weight is a feat for me. Pushing myself on the treadmill until I almost run out of breath, doing the crunches and carrying the weights available is really exhausting. But I can say that it's rewarding. As what a friend of mine told me, to achieve better results in working out, one must push himself to the limit! All the pain that I experience during this workout sessions gets paid off because I really feel great about my health! Unconsciously, I was able to encourage some of my workmates to workout since they notice the results! :D

Now that I'm slimmer, I think I have to somehow change my wardrobe. Most of my pants are lose and my shirts and blouses looked large on me now. I already have plans of shopping next month. I might get myself branded clothes like that of coogi clothing for a better and comfy fit.

Working out really does wonders! It really feels good to be fit and fab! :D

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