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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Unusual Experience...

I am fond of ghost stories. Not that I want to get scared. I just like hearing unusual stories from other people. The truth is, I really don't believe in ghosts. I just listen because I find it entertaining and sometimes funny when someone get scared. They don't think and also don't realize that they look funny when they're scared. I've done it a lot of times when I was young and end up laughing my butt off with friends.

I have an experience when I was in college. We had an assignment at school which requires us to record different sounds like a whistle, blowing wind, flowing water, footsteps and the like. It was late in the evening when I decided to record my own footsteps since most of the people in the boarding house were already asleep. When I was done recording, I played the cassette back and listened to all the sounds I was able to record. When I listened to the part of the footsteps, I heard a man say on the recording: "Diri lang ko anay ah!". It's in a native Filipino dialect which means "I'll stay right here". I woke my brother up to have him listen to the player. It scared the both of us yet we laughed about it and exclaimed, "Yay! Scary!". I really don't know where that voice came from. It may come from somewhere I just didn't pay attention to when I was recording but it did scare me at that time.

That's just one of those unusual experiences I had. Their maybe bad spirits but I believe that they won't bother you as long as you have strong Faith in God.

I am actually a skeptic and really don't believe in ghosts now that I'm a grown up. I think that it's something that people create on their mind and make them believe in such thing. I'm more afraid of a living person than a dead one.

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juliet said...

Hello! This may be off-topic but I must let you know that I appreciate your EC drops for the month of October. Thank you so much!

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