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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nauseous But Had A Great Time With Friends

I got home a few minutes ago feeling nauseous. I ate plenty of food before I went on my way home. The pollution in EDSA, a few minutes ride in the bus and walking past 2 footbridges made me really dizzy. A cup of coffee and a few minutes at the comfort room made me feel better! LOL!

I was with friends earlier today : Judith and Julie and Julie's cuddly 3-year old boy - Lajon. Today is Judith's birthday and we decided to celebrate it at Julies new home after my workout this morning. Judith and I were the first friends of Julie who invaded her newly renovated home. We brought along with us some delicious foods (pancit Malabon and piche-piche) from our favorite Ambers Restaurant.

Geez! Why couldn't I control myself from eating a lot? Then I have to punish myself on my workout tomorrow. It's going to be an intense workout for sure!

It's a happy day, to say the least. I was able to celebrate a dear friend's birthday! And was able to bond with true friends and wrestle with the little-big boy! I'll be posting the photos tomorrow.

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