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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not Strolling At Manila Bay Yet...

A friend of mine wanted us to go biking at the Manila Bay or at Mall Of Asia. She has been asking me about it for a few weeks now but we never have done it yet. Blame it to the storms lately. It was raining often lately, not a good time to stroll along Manila Bay. We won't be able to watch the birds flying over the sea and the beautiful yachts sailing across the waters of Manila Bay even if we bring Nikon binoculars with us. It has to be a perfect weather to get a good view of Manila Bay.

Another typhoon is coming. The plan to stroll along Manila Bay or Mall Of Asia won't happen anytime soon. We will have to wait for a good weather then before we can do something relaxing like this. For the meantime, we'll enjoy the cold weather although it's brought about by typhoons. :D

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