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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ouchy!!! No Pain, No Gain!

I think I did too much workout today. My muscles are really aching. I can even hardly walk when I was on my way home. I thought to myself, why does the gym where I workout has to be too far from my place? I was just so tired! I still am! I overly pushed myself to the limit, I guess.

Although I was exhausted, I get to hear and actually see positive results on my extensive workout this month! I lost a total of 4 pounds! Yahoo! And still counting! Just like the old saying goes: No Pain, No Gain!

I'm working on my abs so hard, in fact that's the reason why I got exhausted today. I'm really pushing myself to the limit lately just to get positive results! I'm glad I'm getting nice comments from friends who notice my weight loss! Their words of encouragement keeps me going! :D

1 comment:

anne said...

How I wish I am that eager when I still go to the gym, its too late for me na coz I am already busy with kids haist