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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RED - Retired Extremely Dangerous

RED - Retired Extremely Dangerous. It's an action-comedy film about a team of retired CIA agents who tries to live a serene, normal life when all of sudden they're lives are threatened by assassins. They become threats of CIA operations since they have learned information that they're not supposed to know.

Bruce Willis as Frank is back in action! He still look good at his age though. When he was on his way to courting the only woman she often talk to over the phone for his checks - Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), he was attacked by several assassins at his home. Frank then seek help from other former agents: Joe (Morgan Freeman) - the happy-go-lucky, the funny paranoid Marvin (John Malkovich), and the beautiful Victoria (Helen Mirren). Of course, he have to bring along Sarah with him since her life is also in danger because she got involved with him.

They all worked together in finding out who ordered their assassination and ended up saving the Americans from a group of antagonists who wants to dominate the American government.

It's an action packed film where you wouldn't think that these former CIA agents happen to have read insurance quote. Their lives are always in danger, why not get insured, right? LOL! The action is incorporated with comedy so you'll definitely have fun watching it. Might even be surprised with how smart yet classy Helen Mirren looked when she has a machine gun in hand! :D

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