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Friday, October 8, 2010

Reunions And Homecoming This December

I am much awaiting for my upcoming vacation this December. I really hope and pray that the company I work for will approve my vacation leave. It's really so hard to file for vacation leaves lately. I don't know what's up with the people at work.

Anyway, a lot is going to happen this December. Other than my cousin Michelle's wedding, I'll get reunited with relatives and friends once again. The last time I went home was March of this year. It was my Mom's birthday. Homecoming once again after 9 months!

I'm also anticipating for a high school reunion. I haven't seen my high school friends for years now. I wonder how they are and how they now look like! LOL! I heard most of them got married and already have kids. I have chatted with some of them lately at Facebook. Thanks to social networking sites we were able to communicate with each other. I can't wait to hang out with them.

I bet there will be a lot of drinking sessions this December. I hope I can manage to say no since I get drunk so easily. I might just puff some cigars with friends during chitchats. I'm really looking forward to my next homecoming!

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