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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wanting To Make My Mom Happy

I haven't talked to my Mom for months now. I don't know how to reach her because she doesn't have a phone. My brothers forget to text me when they're with her, or they just don't bother. Maybe they're too busy to remember. Sigh!

I miss my Mom. I really would love to hear from her. I might buy her a phone when I go home so we can talk often. She doesn't use a phone because she refused to learn how to use it. She's too stubborn. I think she's the only Mom who don't use a phone. LOL!

Anyway, I heard she's been working too hard for her new business which will let her travel to Malaysia as an incentive. She actually involved me in the business but I don't have the time to work for it. I hope I just have the money so she can enjoy her life as a retiree. If I'm only a millionaire, I could afford to get Disney vacation packages for both of us. :D Dream on, Ally!

I wish I can make my Mom happy though. I'm still yet to plan for her next year's birthday celebration.

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