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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Winter Vs. Rainy Days

Winter is fast approaching in the Northern part of the globe. I bet some people are already shopping for thick jackets, gloves, boots, even heated mattress pads for their beds. 'Tis the season when children (even adults) play in the snow. It sometimes makes me dream of experiencing the winter. How it feels like playing snowballs. Yet sometimes just thinking about the cold already make me shiver! LOL!

Well, we only have rainy days here in the Philippines during this time of the year. We don't need winter clothing. An umbrella is the only defense we need against the rain. We can play in the rain though if we choose to. I haven't done that for years, actually. Sometimes I envy the children who were able to do that on the streets.

Even though it rains a lot lately, it's still not as cold as how it is in the Northern Hemisphere during winter. Maybe someday, I will be able to go to a place where it snows. Just so I know how it feels like playing in the snow! :D

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