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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Friend's Status On FB Hoaxed... :D

A good friend of mine, Den2x, updated her status on Facebook. She posted she's already married. I was the first one who made a comment about her status. I was really surprised! We haven't communicated in a few months and all of a sudden she's married. And she was just in a relationship with the guy for just a few months. It's just hard for me to believe she tied the knot. So I texted her on her cellphone and got relieved when I find out that the post was a hoaxed. It was intended to be a joke but then a lot of people already seen her status and already congratulated her! LOL! The joke is on her now!

We talked more about her love-life. I can sense that she's really happy. I'm happy for her too. She deserves someone who'll truly love her because she deserves it. She's a good a person and a really good friend. I'm looking forward to seeing her in December and know more about her new man. I warned her about weight. I've seen her recent photos with her boyfriend and she really gained weight. All of a sudden we talked about weight loss. I advised her to go to the gym or read lipofuze reviews to motivate herself into loosing weight. She has to look good in case she really will tie the knot!

I'm happy to be able catch up with my friend's life. I'm happy that Den2x has finally met someone who makes her happy! :D

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