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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Overcome Procrastination! :D

I overcome procrastination today! Hooray!

I almost did not go to the gym after doing my laundry. I kept looking at the clock and thought about things I still have to accomplish for the day. I was almost convinced of putting my workout aside for the day. But lo and behold! I packed my bag and hit the gym!

I was able to burn a lot of calories today and felt good about sweating! I was able to see the accomplished women who seem to be using wrinkle serum because they have pretty faces despite their age doing weights at the gym. And the men - oh well, they're busy with their workout too! :D

I finally met a friend at the gym. Her name is Gladys. She's gorgeous. We finally introduced ourselves during our chitchat at the locker room earlier today. She works out the same time as I do.

I just feel good about today! It's indeed a happy Wednesday! :D

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