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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Might Donate Blood For A Friend's Mom...

I feel guilty for not being able to go to the gym for 2 succeeding days now. I was supposed to workout today but I have to finish some errands. Besides, I might donate some of my blood for a friend's Mom later today. I thought if I workout, I would feel very tired and might not be able to pass some lab tests.

My friend's Mom was diagnosed of stage 4 cancer. I really feel bad for her. The least I can do is to be with Marmi and somehow help her Mom by donating blood. Her Mom is confined in a hospital in Pampanga. I will be travelling with two other friends, Judith and Carylle. We're leaving at lunch time later. Judith and I might donate some of our blood for Marmi's Mom. I hope we pass the tests though.

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