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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Nanny Experience... :D

My brother and I grew up with a single parent. My Dad hasn't been around on the early stage of our lives. We grew up with my Supermom who does a lot of work to support all three of us. So we're entrusted to nannies. I know that my mother would want to take care of us by herself but she has to work. I remember those times when we only get to see her a few minutes in the morning since she works nights and we're about to leave for school. When we get home from school, she has already left for work or just about to go to work. We really didn't have time to bond as a family. We got used to it when we were young. It wasn't an ideal set up but we didn't have any choice.

So there we were, left to nannies who sometimes beat us because we're stubborn as kids! My little brother who's the silliest always get the spanking. LOL! My Mom really don't have enough idea about what's going on when she's away. I can still remember the nannies bringing men in the house and we end up getting robbed. If only at that time, nanny cameras were available, my Mom would've figured out what's happening at home when she's away. It would've given her a little bit of peace of mind knowing how we were when she's at work.

Nowadays, a lot of people especially Moms consider these security gadgets at home. If you're a millionaire and wanted to add security for your home and fortune, cameras can now be installed in all corners of your mansion. It's just a click away on your computer if you want to take advantage of these gadgets.

My Mom only found out the beating later when we're already grown ups. We just laugh about the nanny experience. My Mom will always say that she's thankful that we surpassed the hardships and all of us, her children, grew up as better persons. Even though my Mom and I have a lot of differences, I'm still thankful that she's the Mom that God gave me. Geez! I'm missing her all the more!

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bingkee said...

Nanny cams and other security devices are affordable for most Americans these days. But a lot don't really consider buying nanny cams unless they have babies or little kids at home with nannies.
You don't need to be a millionaire to own it. Here in the Phils., it's really quite steep so only the rich can afford those security alarms and devices.