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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shopped At Gingersnaps Warehouse

Night market at Pasig City was canceled yesterday. It was all my fault. So Judith, Julie and I ended up going home early after. We we're able to go to Gingersnaps warehouse though, which is also located in Pasig City. It was a long ride but it's all worth it. I was able to buy skirts at very low prices! Unfortunately, we got there an hour before the warehouse closes. So we really weren't able to buy a lot of clothes. We hope to go back there soon and do our best to be there earlier.

Here are some photos with my girl friends! :D

I always enjoy being with these friends of mine! It's fun knowing that you can share and do something fun with real friends!
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Karla said...

magaganda rin po pa ung stocks ng Just G diba magkasama po sila dun ng gingersnaps?? thanks po, plan to go there soon po kasi eh..thanks!

ally said...


Yes, magaganda naman yung stocks. you have to go there early though para marami kang maabutan...