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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Domino's Pizza in Japan

Want to sell pizza with a salary of $31,000 an hour in a month? Well, one position is up for grabs at Tokyo, Japan.

Domino's Pizza Japan commemorates it's 25th anniversary and is giving this job to one lucky person. Anyone who's 18 years old and above can apply without questions asked about education and experience background. That person can have the time of his life in December!

If I am the one who gets hired, I might keep myself awake each day for the whole month of December to take advantage of the pay! You can be so lucky in a month if that's the case!

In one of their promotion, they are giving free pizza to anyone born in September 30 until they turn 25. Haha! If you're a woman and are going to eat pizza everyday, better be ready with best diet pills for women. Or else you'll get all flabby, girl! :D


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