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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Busy Past 3 Days

I've been back here in the province since Sunday but I really haven't gone to my Mom's house yet. It's been a busy past 3-days!

When I arrived here in GenSan, I stayed at my cousin Lainy's home to practice the songs that I will be singing at Michelle's wedding. I have to stay here because my guitarist is Jayson which happens to be Lainy's brother.

The following day was rehearsal day at the Church. The wedding was set in Koronadal City which is an hour bus ride from GenSan. I was hours early for the rehearsal so I went to see my friend, Maria Den and her boyfriend Daniel who treated me for lunch in a nearby town. I had fun chatting with Maria Den and was glad to finally meet her new boyfriend. Maria Den and I were good friends since college days.

Dan and Den
Posing with Maria Den

I came on time for the rehearsal. We were all kind of frantic for Michelle's BIG day the next day.

The wedding day wasn't as perfect as what we all were expecting. But we're all glad we were there to witness Michelle as she walked down the aisle to be with her now husband - Jon Vinoya. I'm really happy for them.

Now that we're passed the mixed emotions for the wedding, I still haven't gone home. Although I wanted to. There were just a lot of things to do and places to go first before I can finally come home! :D Of course, I wanted to see the home were I basically grew up. For sure I would be able to see same old photos displayed on the photo frames and the sports trophies and other medals I got during my high school and college days that my Mom was so proud to display. I hope I'd be able to finally come home tomorrow. :D

More pictures are coming soon! :D

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