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Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Trees Along Ayala

I love the month of December not only because of the blessings that I receive this time of the year but also because of the air it brings. The weather is colder and the nights seem to be very colorful. I like strolling around the Metro at night during this time of the year. I haven't took pictures of night times in Ayala with my new camera yet. I'm planning to do that one of these days.

This is the only shot I have on my digital camera. It was taken during our Christmas party at the roof deck of our office building. I love the christmas trees along the center isles of the Ayala avenue when it's night time. They actually look like fountains in the middle of the streets.

I'll be taking some more photos of these beautiful sights in Makati sometime soon. A friend of mine keeps telling me about the lights show at Makati Triangle which I'm going to check out before I this month ends.

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