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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Intervention on Bio

One of my favorite channels on T.V. is the BIO Channel where I watch a lot of real life stories. One of the shows that I often watch is "The Intervention". The subjects are people who are addicted to alcohol, drugs and the like and some are suffering anorexia. These people are wasting their lives and they seem like their on the edge of killing themselves not knowing that their loved ones are also suffering.

The subjects agreed to have their lives documented not knowing that it's their family who asked the show to intervene on their lives. To help their loved one change for the better.

Most of the subjects end up getting treated in a rehabilitation center and go through oxycontin detox for those who are addicted to drugs like heroin, Morphine, etc. They were able to get a second chance to life. Some didn't.

Whenever I watch the show, it always make me cry. I not only pity those who suffer from the addiction but I also feel sorry for the family who gets hurt physically and emotionally.

Thank God, I haven't been through these during my rebellious years.

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