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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Mom And A Couple Of Our Differences...

I have talked about me and my Mom's differences on this blog. But I never really elaborated on what those differences are. Well, let me tell you a couple of our dissimilarities.

My Mom is loud especially when she's around family and friends and I am not exactly the silent type but I don't like talking too much either. She feels like she can say whatever comes in her mind and most times she gets tactless especially on sensitive issues. She's comfortable doing that because she thinks people understands that that's who she is. Whenever I'm around, I shush her sometimes because I know that she's going to get into trouble if she doesn't stop. Well, most of the time she just go on and never listen.

My Mom is close-fisted and I'm not. I prefer to enjoy whatever I get from the fruits of my labor. She will always reprimand me about my spending and that I have to save for the future. She's the type that invests on lands and properties. If a good insurance company are available here in the Philippines, she might have took advantage of something like that even if she has to spend for the repairs of the property since it's sold much cheaper. I think she got this character from my late grandfather. I don't know. I just have a negative vibe about spending for properties. I feel like it's so hard to maintain and take care of. I mean, like right now, she's fighting for a piece of land with our tenant who's claiming the farm as his own since he and his family lived there for more than 10 years already. She's basically risking her life for that property. And that worries me. Knowing my Mom, she definitely won't give up even if it will endanger her life. Sigh.

I am excited about going home although I know that I have to deal with my Mom's eccentricity. It's just that whenever I'm with her, I feel like I'm not used to being around her anymore. My being irritable gets in the way sometimes and I'd feel guilty for hurting her feelings.

I hope we won't hurt each other's feelings on my coming vacation. I just want to spend quality time with her. I hope she doesn't bring up any long forgotten bad times and just enjoy our togetherness. I miss her and I'm hoping to have a happy vacation with her.

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