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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Mom Finally Got Herself A Phone! :D

I was able to talk to my Mom on the phone today. She finally bought herself a phone and thankfully, she now knew how to atleast, answer all calls! LOL!

I was with my friend Judith early this evening. It was quite a long day. We went to see the light show at Makati Triangle. It was nice! I'll blog about it later.

Going back to my Mom. So I was talking to her and she wasn't aware that she was on speaker phone so Judith can also hear how funny my Mom is on the phone. :D We talked about my homecoming and then all of a sudden she told me that the digital camera I bought for her on her birthday was soaked in the water. She wasn't able to have it fixed and that she was sorry about the digicam. Judith was laughing while hearing me and my Mom talk. Then she asked me what I bought for her this homecoming. She doesn't like surprises that much, does she? Of course I didn't tell her what I bought since I haven't bought any as of yet. I miss my Mom and I'm excited to be with her when I get home. I'm gonna do a last minute shopping tomorrow. Sigh! It wouldn't be that much. I'll just make it up to her on her next birthday. I better think of birthday gifts for mom as early as next month. I want to make her happy on her next BIG day! :D

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