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Friday, December 31, 2010

Spent Time With Vinoya Family...

I spent time bonding with the newly weds - Michelle and Jon together with Jon's family in Lake Sebu the other day. Lake Sebu is a municipality in South Cotabato that is known for it's natural lake, stunning 7 waterfalls and their T'Boli culture. It has become even more popular because of their 200-meter zipline right above the 5 water falls - the highest zipline in the country! It was a thrilling experience being able to experience riding the zipline! Almost everyone of us took the chance to experience the adrenaline rush - zipping!

Too bad, I wasn't able to bring my digital camera. I still have to wait for the Michelle to upload photos from her camera. It was so careless of me to forget it! :D I'll be making another entry for the photos. I just want to say for now that I really had a great time with the Vinoya family. I also took advantage of being able to spend time with Michelle and Jon. Who knows, maybe next year or the years to come, they will be making baby birth announcements! We won't have the chance to do something adventurous like the one we had in Lake Sebu! Besides, I might move back here in Mindanao for good. That's my tentative plan, actually. So I took advantage of the moment to spend with the couple!

The Lake Sebu photos will be posted soon! So please stick around! :D

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