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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Torn Between Work And Family - A Dilemma

I'm in a dilemma right now. Talking about being torn between spending quality time with my family and my freaking job. I really want to go home but work gives me a hard time with my vacation leave. Sigh. I have already bought an expensive plane ticket for this home coming. My flight is on Saturday and my supervisor hasn't given me any positive news about my Vacation Leave request. I really want to be with my family and on my cousin, Michelle's wedding.

Filing for vacation leave is a struggle in our office. Their system sucks! They should prioritize those who have good scorecards. Not the "friendship" system. And I don't think I deserve this. I've been working my a$$ out, I've been doing my job well and I haven't been absent for months. My supervisor doesn't give me other options for my request. She doesn't even talk to me. I think she's scared because she knew I'm going to break down at any time if she gives me negative news. Yeah, she should be scared.

I deserve a break from work. I think my boss wanted me to just quit the job because I've been a pain on her bulging neck. It's her fault most of the time, anyway. I'm just the kind of person who's transparent enough and outright frank about how I feel. There's always been a strain between the two of us. Well, I'm not the only one in the team who hate her. And I don't want to hate her forever either. We have enough of each other already.

I'll talk to her boss and check if she talked to him about my request. It's pretty obvious that I have trust issues with my supervisor. I'll find out tomorrow if she really submitted my request to the higher management. Coz if not, all hell is gonna break loose! Sigh. I really don't want to hate someone like this.

Anyway, if I am to leave my present employer, I hope I'd land on a better job with good pay and better supervisor. Sigh. Easy for me to say.


juliana said...

what dilemma you have! it's really not easy having to deal with a difficult boss. office politics reign on every level and it really sucks.

I hope you get to use that plane ticket. hope for the best, who knows everything will turn out well.

wishing you well and enjoy the holidays!

ally said...


Hi! I just got the good news! I'll be able to use the plane ticket because my vacation leave was approved! thanks for the visit!

Happy holidays!!! :D