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Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy With Church Activities... :D

What kept me busy lately? Well, since I'm jobless right now, I still keep myself pre-occupied. I've been busy with some Church activities. This Saturday, I went to our Temple together with some youth members in our Church locale. We took oath for accepting some Church responsibilities and duties. Although it's going to be a big obligation, I was willing to work for God's glory.

After the lecture and oath-taking, me and my fellow Kadiwa (youth members) took pictures of us outside the Temple. It was fun!

I hope these coming days, I would be able to just chill at home and read books. I miss doing that for a long time now! I just need some patience I guess and maybe manage my time wisely! :D


Lainy said...

uy, ok yan bang.

Everything happens for a reason. Now at least maytungkulin ka na.

Keep the faith!

ally said...


korek ka jan te... hehehe. saya ng kadiwa dito! :D