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Monday, January 31, 2011

Enjoying My Stress-Free Life! :D

I resigned from my job just the other day on my Saturday shift. I have thought about it very well and I finally decided to quit. I just can't deal with my supervisor anymore. We have this irreconcilable issue. I don't want to hate someone that much everyday of my life anyway. I know she feel the same way too. So it's better to quit. I have other better options anyway. And I know I'd be in a better place soon! :D

My brothers were worried about me quitting my job because they thought about my Mom's health plan that I'd also lose when I resign. I told them they won't have to worry about it because I can get our mother a better health plan like that of Blue Cross even if I'm not with the same employer anymore. I was relieved when my Mom did not object to my decision. She understood my sentiment.

So here I am, unemployed. But don't worry, I won't be in this condition for too long! :D Like I said, I'd be in a better place soon! I'll tell you about it when I get there! :D

For now, I'm enjoying my stress-free life! LOL!


anne said...

Good luck girl, id been reading your sentiments regarding your supervisor and I would do the same as well, because it is not healthy anymore. For you for her and for everyone around. LOL.

ally said...


tama ka jan my friend! hehehe... ingat! :D