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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm now back in Manila and definitely back to blogging after days of having so much fun on my vacation! I owe you guys lots of updates and photos. Well, I'll be posting some later. I actually need to hit the gym to burn the calories and weight that I gain. You know how it is the previous holiday... :D

I'm glad I'm now able to do my dropping chore on EntreCard. I had problems before I went on vacation. I was being penalized instead of earning EC credits when I was dropping. I got demotivated and disappointed. I think EC had straightened it out, although the credits that I lost wasn't given back to me. What is important is I'm able to drop back to friends' blogs this time around!

It's great to be back here in Manila - my peaceful and quiet life. I'll be posting more photos from my trips. Stay tuned! :D

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