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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Terror On Bus Explosion

A bus traveling along Edsa exploded in Makati yesterday. 5 were now reported dead and other passengers were injured and are still recuperating in the hospital. What a tragedy especially to those who lost their loved ones who were on-board the bus. And trauma to those other passengers who have a second chance to their lives.

How could someone do such a thing? Killing innocent people just to have the government's attention? It's just inhumane! I was watching the news earlier and I can't help but feel sorry for the families of the victims and the other passengers who lived to tell what happened during and after the explosion. It's scary. At one point, you think you're somewhere safe. But now, you'd prefer the long queue and the crowded train stations (LRT and MRT).

I went to a friend's house today not minding what happened yesterday. I really didn't know how serious it was because I haven't watched the news last night. I even rode a bus on my way to her house and noticed the place where the explosion happened. There were still some blood stains and flowers on that part of the street along EDSA.

I just learned everything when we watched the evening news while I was at Julie's house. I was thinking about riding the MRT but I still ended up in a bus on my way home. I was scared but I'm not very patient with waiting on a long queue at the MRT station. Since everyone preferred riding the train, the train stations are really crowded tonight.

The terrorists are just somewhere right now. Even if the government added security on bus terminals, anyone can still hop on and off the bus.

Let's just hope and pray that something like this won't happen anymore. God bless us all.

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shimumsy said...

i saw this news at the the filipino channel here. it's scary.