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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valuing Health...

Smoking cigarette used to be part of my day. I was influenced by peers during college days. I used to smoke more than 5 or 10 cigarettes in a day. I don't know. Maybe it was fun watching and feeling the smoke come out of my mouth. Being able to do it with friends added to the fun. And I thought I looked cool because I smoked! LOL! That was very immature-ish. I also had parents who smoked. So basically, I already had the idea of cigarette smoking when I was a kid.

All of a sudden, about 3 years ago, I just decided to quit smoking. I realized it really wouldn't do me any good. Other than putting my health at risk, I also didn't want to be one of those who contribute to air pollution. :D And I would like to prove that whatever vices you have, you can overcome being addicted to it because I believe in Mao Zedong's popular phrase which is "mind over matter". Mind is always powerful over the body. So whatever your mind thinks, the body just follows.

Anyway, I wouldn't say I am nicotine free, but I have quit being a chain smoker for about 3 years now. I have colleagues who smoke and I sometimes find myself curious about the new brands and flavors of cigarettes that they have been smoking. Sometimes I would try to have a taste of it, like just a few smoke then hand it back to them just out of curiosity. I just wanted to know how those cigarettes tasted like. It's just funny because after having a taste of it, I didn't have the same relaxed feelings that I used to feel towards cigarettes anymore. I am also curious about how tobaccos like the alec bradley cigars tasted. I'm just curious, you know. But that's just about it now.

I'm glad I kicked out that habit. I have learned to value my health and other people's health too! Yeah. Everybody knows that health is wealth, right? :D

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