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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Visited Marmi And Her Mom With Cancer

I visited Marmi, a good friend and colleague of mine in Pampanga yesterday. She's on leave right now because she's taking care of her Mom who has cancer. I haven't seen her when I got back from vacation and upon learning her situation, the best that I can do is to somehow be there for her.

It was a 3-hour bus ride from Manila to Pampanga. Judith and I left Manila with the hopes of also being able to donate blood for Marmi's Mom. We brought some food (pasalubong) for the family along the way. It was quite a long ride but was worth it. I was glad to see Marmi so strong despite her Mom's condition. I really look up to her. We had lunch at her house before we went to see Lolami - Marmi's Mom, at the hospital.

I wasn't expecting Lolami to be very skinny. She was lying on the hospital bed but was able to smile at us when she saw us enter the room. She even tried to talk even if she's already having a hard time breathing. My heart was secretly weeping while I was there. It's just painful to see a friend's beloved suffering.

Judith and I also don't want to get her all exhausted. We were glad Marmi took the liberty to ask Milo, her brother, to take us out to see a beautiful view nearby. We bid goodbye to Lolami and wished her well. Our blood wasn't needed anymore at that time because there were people in their place who already donated.

I think about Marmi and how she was holding up. She told me it was difficult but she's hanging on there. I admire her for being so strong. I was glad I was there to offer support and love for my friend. I really don't know what to tell her. All I want is to be there to listen and hear her out.


anne said...

This remind me of my sick Aunt before. Her Mom is lucky because she has a very caring daughter unlike my the person I know but I know she regretted it and was able to ask for forgiveness before her Mom died.

Lainy said...

Kawawa naman. I recall Tita Tess who died from cancer. Sigh!

BTW Bang, if you have the time to grab the award, do so right there at my loveblog, hehe.