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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Boring First Day At Work

My first day at work last night was so boring. It wasn't what I was expecting. All of us, trainees, were too sleepy and really couldn't wait for the shift to end. The worst thing is, our trainer keeps telling us that our job is difficult and complicated. How will you get motivated with that? Sigh! What did I get myself into this time?

Although our trainer talked about a lot of positive things about the company, she just disappointed me a bit about promoting the account itself. All accounts are really difficult at first. But I know, later on our training, we would be able to learn everything that is to be learned about our job.

Since I'm already hired in this new company, I'll just do the best I can to be able to pass the training. I'll just won't mind any negativity and focus on learning about my new job! :D

I wasn't able to bring a jacket so I was freezing cold the whole shift. My back hurts a bit now. I'll make sure to wear a jacket tonight or else I'll get sick.


Star-chuu said...

Good Luck Ally! don't worry maybe next other day you will be busy. Have a great day sexy. Inggit na talaga ako sayo ba, ka sexy mo na.

ally said...


Thanks te! hehehe... sexy ka din naman ah! ingat! :D

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Bago na pud diay work nimo Ally? How nice! Another set of experiences to take place! :) Good luck!

ally said...


yes sis! 1 week nako sa bagong work... new endeavor nasad lagi. hehehe! :D

ingat! :D