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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Hate Medical Examinations...

I had my medical examination done this morning. It was one of the requirements for my new job. Honestly, I really don't like medical examinations not only because of the needles for the blood test there are numerous things that really makes me feel uncomfortable.

I had a hard time starting my day because the thought of collecting my stool made me really disgusted. But since I didn't have a choice, I was able to - - you know what! Urrgghh!

So I brought my stool which is by the way completely sealed (LOL) as I came to the lab. I drank lots of water before I left the house so that when they collect my urine, I would be able to fill the bottle which I did with the door not completely closed. The woman in the lab needed to make sure that the urine came from the patient. Yeah right. That's how it is now, I guess.

Although the doctor who did the interview and other tests is very accommodating, I still feel humiliated when I was asked to put my pants down and bend over. I know.. She's used to seeing a lot butts in a day.

Sigh! I wish I won't have to go through medical examinations anymore!


anne said...

as in ana? wahh di ko sure anang bend over to see the butts, I hope they wont require it here. :) Anyway good luck to your new job.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

ok ra gani paminawon sis kay she imong doctor. samot nga awkward kung he jud. lol. it's good to be back here after a long while! :)

ally said...


hehe... cross your fingers sis! Thanks for wishing me a good luck! ingat! :D


hi sis! thanks for dropping by! how's school? ayo2x! :D