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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leave Me And My Guitar Alone, Will Ya???

A casual friend at Church is getting into my nerve lately. He keeps asking if I can lend him my guitar. Yeah, you could say I'm selfish but I really don't want to let him borrow it. It's a personal belonging and it's something that I really treasure. Besides, I don't trust him. I have made several excuses already because I don't want to hurt his feelings. But he just wouldn't leave me alone. Why couldn't he get it??? Grrr!

Me and my precious guitar... :D

How can I tell you that I don't want to lend you my guitar??? Leave me and my guitar alone, will ya???


Lainy said...

HAha! Sabihan mo sya bumili nalang sya ng kanya. Puede nyang hawakan pero di nya puedeng hiramin, LOL!

ally said...


hayy... kung pwede lang lagi sabihin te! kainis! hehehe... kulit masyado

Anonymous said...

Just like my husband, he never never never would lend his guitar to anybody. He expects others interested in guitar or any instrument to buy their own.