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Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Job Here I Come! :D

I have heard that my previous employer where I just quit my job from now requires their employees who are planning to resign to render 30-days notice to the company. I was glad it still wasn't implemented when I resigned 2 weeks ago. There has been mass resignation going on lately. Too bad for those who won't be able to resign as soon as possible. I know the company would ask them to not quit their jobs and do what it will take for them to stay. If ever they're going to provide something like Denver payday loans to those employees, I bet they will stick around for another year or so! :D

As for me, I'm glad I'm out of that company and I'm excited about my first day on my new job next week!

New job, new career, here I come! :D


csseyah said...

how's your job? please add mo naman ako sa friend list mo here :) salamat

ally said...


hi! magsisimula pa lang po ung job! thanks for dropping by! will add u on my friends' list! tc! :D