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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Strong-Willed Independent Friend...

I was done chatting with a friend of mine. Her name is Red. We haven't met in person yet. When I went home in GenSan, I was hoping to be able to find a home-based job. Her sister-in-law gave me her number. We became instant friends as she was helping me out on my online application. I ended up not taking the job though because I already got hired to where I'm working now.

Red is a single mom with 2 beautiful kids. She seems to be a very nice person. We talk about a lot of things whenever we chat online. She's fun to talk with because she's a no-nonsense person like me. LOL! I think we just have a lot of things in common that's why we clicked.

Just earlier we talked about his Dad who's going to celebrate his birthday soon. She told me he's turning 61 and that he works at a mining company in one of the provinces in Mindanao. He's earning much because he digs gold bars according to Red. She's having a hard time thinking about what gift to give to him because he likes expensive gifts. They haven't seen each other for 2 years now so I suggested for her to visit him on his natal day. That would be the best gift he'll receive. She said she's going to think about it. They have family issues that's why she's thinking twice about my suggestion.

She told me about her very colorful life. I just think she's a strong woman because she's able to overcome all the tribulations in her life. I admire her for that. I hope we will be able to see each other in flesh sometime. I bet we will. It's nice to be able to be friends with a strong-willed independent woman! :D

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