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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Boys At Work Need Binoculars

We haven't really been doing much at work lately. We often sleep on our long breaks during our training. Some of us just play games on the computer and others just kill the time by chatting.

There are instances that some of our guys in the room does something silly. Right across from our training room is a condominium. There's this one condo unit where a girl lives. We knew that she's a girl because we basically can see her in her bedroom. She doesn't fully cover the glass window with a curtain or blinds. We don't know if she does that on purpose.

Whenever 5:00 am strikes, the guys are ready at the corner of the training room to take a look at the girl in the window dress up for work. Some of them are having a hard time seeing her and are in dire need of spotting scopes or binoculars so they can get a better view. Duh! Boys will always be boys, right?

I think the woman in the condo figured out that the boys have been watching her. She now turns the light off whenever she prepares for work in the morning. The boys were disappointed and we just can't stop laughing at them the first time the woman didn't have a light turned on in her bedroom. Too bad, boys! :P

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