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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can I Extend My Weekend??? :(

We practised a song at Church yesterday that we're going to sing in our upcoming anniversary. The song was nice. I had a good time practising. But since I lack sleep yesterday, I was already not in the mood to really hang out with friends at Church after the practise. We had like a team building after the practise and was already antsy while participating on the activity. There were still a lot of things I need to accomplish back here in the apartment. I just can't leave so I tried to enjoy the activity. I was good on acting like I'm okay but I was really exhausted. I was so glad when we finished the activity and went home right away.

I was able to talk to my Mom before I went to sleep. I'm glad she's alright and she had a good time celebrating her birthday with friends. I told her to keep her phone turned on. I don't why my Mom don't understand how important it is to be able to talk to her whenever I can? Sigh. Anyway, she sounded happy while we we're talking on the phone. I had peace of mind after I've been able to talk to her and it helped me get a very good sleep last night.

It's Monday and it's back to work. Sigh. Can I extend my weekend???


Lainy said...

Funny masyado ba, para kang naghahanap sa nawawalang anak mo na pasaway, hehe. Belated happy burpday kay Tita.

ally said...


haha! mao jud te! pasaway talga...