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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Love Never Die (Friends' Love Story)

I met a couple back in high school who has a very nice love story. They were each other's first love. We were on our sophomore year when these couple fell in love. It was such a young love and was kept from the girl's dad because her dad doesn't want her to get involved in such a relationship at a very young age. It was funny because back then I was one of the few people who somehow helped them make their relationship work. There were exchanges of love letters which I delivered to them. That included flowers and other unique valentines day gifts too! They just don't get tired of exchanging love notes up until now! They're so vocal that they let the world know how much love they have for one another. They're not even ashamed to post love messages on their Facebook wall which a lot of people like myself get envious about! :D

They haven't married yet. The guy has to work abroad and the girl is in med school right now. They are working very hard for their future. In fact, they're together now for about 14 years! Can you believe that? I was surprised when I finally was able to get in touch with them that after all these years, they're still together! I hope they will tie the knot soon. If that will happen, I'll finally believe that first love never dies! :D

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