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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Little Miracle In Japan

We all heard about the tragedy that happened in Japan last week. Everyone may have seen how horrifying the tsunami was. Many have lost their lives. Some may have survived but the horror that they've experienced will forever be a scar in their lives.

There was this little miracle that somehow brought hope to the Japanese people. When this four month old baby was rescued from the rubble. Who could have imagined this little thing being able to escape death? According to the news, the baby was literally swept away from her parent's arms when the tidal wave came. The baby is now reunited with her parents. They must have been so happy and thankful that their little angel is safe.

Despite every tragedy, even just one miracle could light a candle of hope to a nation. Let's continue praying for them and do our share in helping the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan!

God bless us all.


SHY said...

OMG! this is endeed a miracle, we never knew what GOD can do to us ina good way..

Anne said...

Mga infant talaga pinagmimilagruhan palagi noh?

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Trisha said...

It's just a reminder that god loves us. Miracle indeed. God won't let that happened to an innocent child. God bless Japan!