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Monday, March 7, 2011

Not Going Out This Saturday...

I'm still a bit shy at work. It was only last night that I bonded a bit with some of the guys. I went with them during our lunch break. They were cool and I had fun chatting with them while taking my lunch. I even got tempted smoking one cigarette. :D It won't happen again, I hope!

They invited me to go out with them after our shift on Saturday. I said I'll think about it but I guess I'm not really going. I don't want to be sitting in bar stools and just drink iced tea. It would be very ironic when all the other guys are drinking liquor. I don't drink and I don't like the taste of beer or any alcoholic drinks.

I better go home after shift on Saturday and finish all my personal errands. I'll just make myself productive at home and get a good rest! :D

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