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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sad News At Work

A very sad news about an employee at work was circulated via email this morning. One of our colleague who works in a different department got shot to death in a bus on his way home from work last Saturday morning. It was reported that he refused to give his money to the armed men who held up the bus. It was just frightening that something like this happened early in the morning in a public transportation vehicle.

I haven't met that colleague but I really feel sad about what happened to him. It must have been very devastating news to his loved ones.

I am also a commuter and there are times that I feel scared about getting involved in a hold-up situation. Before I go to work, I always say a prayer for my safety. The world is just getting worst everyday. Let's hope and pray that this wouldn't happen to anyone of us.

My deepest condolence to Ralen's family.


YummY! said...

That is a sad thing. This past year a co-worker who we were all very close to fell in a lake and drowned. Since we all knew him and was close to him, it was very hard.

Anne said...

That's too sad girl, condolences to his family.

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