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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heart-Stopping Performance At Showtime

I was watching my favorite noon time show on TV- Showtime on ABS-CBN. The show makes everyone feel like they belong that's why I love it! The audience in the show are being called "madlang people". The hosts - Anne Curtis and Vhong Navarro are perfect for the show! As everyone knows, Vhong is a very good dancer and comedian while the gorgeous Anne, even though she's trying very hard to be a singer, everybody loves her! Juggy and Teddy are the rockista side-hosts who always introduce the contestants. And there's Kuya Kim who's trademark is providing trivia to everybody! :D

The show invites groups who can showcase their talents. They are being judged not only by the judges in the show but also by the madlang people.

The judges are being outcast if they are voted out by the madlang people by the end of the week except for Vice Ganda who basically is like the Master of the show. He/She (since he's gay! LOL!) make comments that will either make you laugh out loud or make you look up to him like he's some kind of a genius because he talks with sense as well. He makes sincere comments if he likes the performance and doesn't hesitate to criticize if he doesn't like it.

One of the group contestants today, the Yuri Crew, made everyone nervous when they did their heart-stopping stunt. With just one mistake, the show which is taking live on air might get suspended if the performance end up in a fatal accident. It was scary. But they won anyway. Vice Ganda told them not to do that stunt anymore on their next performance. He's right when he said that it wouldn't be worth it if something bad happens.

The show made me feel relaxed after a day's work. I hope I can watch it again tomorrow! :D

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Anne said...

fave ng niece ko yan, gustong gusto niya palang mag comment si Vice ganda hehehe just dropping by