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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What A Great Sunday!

I really wasn't able to get some sleep last night. I finished some online assignments and made updates on my 2 blogs. I went to Church early this morning and still wasn't feeling sleepy at all. I was able to listen attentively to the lesson being taught by the Minister during the worship service. I guess my body clock is already used to the graveyard shift.

I took part at the Pagsamba Ng Kabataan (it's our Sunday school for the kids) which was after our worship service. It's my second time to attend the PNK. It's a nice feeling being able to witness kids at their very young age being taught how to worship God. Most of them behave during the service.

I just love being able to join our Church activities. It makes me feel very close to our Almighty. It makes me all the more love my Faith and most especially our Almighty God.

I hope you had a great Sunday as well! :D

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