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Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Badly Need A Massage! :(

I wonder why I have back ache and neck pain right now when I didn't do anything tedious this weekend. I had someone do my laundry and there wasn't too much activities at Church. I was actually just sleeping most of the time during my day off. I felt really exhausted the whole week and needed to get more sleep. Or I was just too lazy?

I badly need a massage! Or experience electrostimulation which I read about online. According to an article, it eases lower back pain and alleviate neck pain. It also gives some more benefits but I just wanted to have my back and neck relieved from pain. I better get myself a gadget like that so I won't have to go to a massage parlor to ease my back and neck pain. Too bad, I don't have it handy right now. :(

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